If you prefer to send us a printed form  please download our PDF version.

Smartphone users may encounter a problem of not being able to advance beyond the GP details.

Try rotating your phone to get a wide (landscape) view then

scroll down below the GP details to the ‘Next Page’ button.

If this does not work for you we suggest using a Tablet, Laptop or PC.

On-Line Registration will take you to our form hosted with JotForm.

Jotform gives you the option to create a Jotform for yourself, You do not have to.

Registration allows you to provide the information we need to be able to care for the children while they are with us. No payment required.

When we receive a completed registration form (On-Line or Printed) a space is reserved for each registered child.

For the on-line form an automated email will be sent to the email address you provide on the form, if you do not get this please use our Contact Us form on this website to let us know.

Personal contact details might used for the following reasons:

On-Line Registration FormPDF Registration Form

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12th March 2020

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Why Register?

For everyone’s safety, especially the children’s, we require each child that attends any of our events to be registered by their parent, guardian or carer.

We then know who is coming and can ensure each child leaves the event with their registered person. It also means we know who to contact during the event if we need to. Further info at the bottom of this page.